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Join Mary Rossberg from Recurly, Emily Harkin from The Guardian, and Taylor Putnam from Alaska Airlines as they delve into the crucial aspects of retention and loyalty in their organizations.

Discover actionable tactics for optimizing onboarding, implementing personalized experiences, and nurturing vibrant subscriber communities.

Learn to strike the right balance between short-term tactics and long-term loyalty, harness the power of benchmarking and experimentation, and prioritize reliability and quality in your offerings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mission and Quality:
    Learn why upholding a strong mission and delivering high-quality products or services is paramount for building loyalty.
  • Community Engagement:
    Foster a sense of community among subscribers to enhance loyalty through meaningful interactions.
  • Ethical Data Handling:
    Build trust by transparently communicating data usage practices and respecting customer privacy.
  • Personalization Balance:
    Understand the importance of personalization while respecting individual preferences to avoid over-customization.
  • Reliability and Trust:
    Consistently deliver reliable products or content to build trust and retain subscribers.
  • Experimentation and Benchmarking:
    Continuously refine your retention strategies through experimentation and benchmarking against industry standards.

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