Why You Need to Engage Your Subscribers In Banking Apps

There is surge in consumers contacting their banks for subscription-related issues, including subscription cancellations. 20% of consumers now cancel their subscriptions through their bank. Why? Consumers want a one-stop-shop to manage their finances, including their subscriptions. And there are big implications for your subscription business.

Join Subscription Insider on Thursday, Oct 20th, at 1 PM to understand how banking apps are impacting your subscription business. Learn how to leverage banks as a ‘new’ channel to defend, retain and upsell your customers!

We have invited leading subscription and fintech expert, Erica Katsambis, VP at Minna Technologies, to join us. She has a deep understanding of why banking apps are so trusted by your subscribers and have more touchpoints with your subscribers than you are tracking. Erica will show attendees how to engage and retain subscribers, while recovering and growing recurring revenue, in-directly, through banking apps. This webinar is free, but registration is required. Register now!


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Erica Katsambis, VP of Sales, Partnerships & Solutions - supporting Subscription-based Businesses, Minna Technologies

Erica is VP Sales, Partnerships & Solutions at Minna Technologies and on a mission to create a problem-free subscription economy for any business with a subscription business model. In this role, she is responsible for Minna’s merchant community, connecting them to the wider banking and fintech app community, adding a sales channel for which merchants can retain, acquire and grown their customer base. Prior to joining, she led the Strategic Partnership efforts at PayPal, where she introduced a global, closed-loop incentive platform to millions of consumers to accelerate subscription revenue, including work with Spotify and Google. Prior to that she spent over 5 years at Three Mobile Group where she led the strategy and implementation of subscription management capabilities through a global cloud- to-cloud based platform. Three Mobile Group’s platform supported 8 mobile networks and served mobile consumers to digitally bundle their tariff plans. In this role, she partnered with Netflix, Microsoft, PlayStation, Epic Games, Spotify and Google and during her tenure, the platform was a first-mover in making Amazon membership services available through a telco channel.

Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO, Subscription Insider

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