A Master Class for Subscription Business Executives!


Learn what your organization needs to master to stay in compliance with subscription-focused laws and regulations!


If you've read the headlines, you know auto-renewal laws and related card association rules are quickly evolving, and enforcement is increasing.

It doesn't matter if your company is large or small, or B2C- or B2B-focused, Federal and State laws apply to your subscription business!

Ensure your organization stays on the right side of the law.

When was the last time you checked how well your subscription business was complying with:

  • The latest subscription billing, free trials, consent and notice requirements? 
  • VISA, Mastercard and American Express subscription-billing rules? 
  • Data and privacy rules?
  • Marketing and "Dark Patten" regulations?

These rules and regulations are quickly evolving, and it's more important than ever to stay current with the latest changes and guidance on how to comply.

"How to Comply with Subscription Regulations", recorded at Subscription Insider's recent Subscription Show conference In New York, had leading global subscription brands attending to understand what their subscription businesses need to do to stay on top of changing rules and regulations.

Now you can learn this critical information too, with this on-demand training to help you understand the core concepts and latest rules you need to stay on top of.

"How to Comply with Subscription Regulations" Online Master Class

Learn the fundamentals of subscription-focused law, from two of America's leading attorneys.

"How to Comply with Subscription Regulations" is taught by Lisa B. Dubrow and Marc Roth, two of America's leading subscription attorneys specializing in helping paid subscription businesses, membership organizations, and continuity clubs. 

Lisa and Marc will walk you through the the latest subscription rules and regulations, examples and case studies, plus discuss how best to think about them in the context of operating your own business during this on-demand Subscription Boot Camp.

  You will learn what your organization needs to master to stay in compliance with subscription-focused laws and regulations, including: 

  • Federal ROSCA and related state laws governing subscription billing, free trials, consent and notice requirements,
  • Card rules for stored credentials, and  
  • The latest on regulatory concerns with the use of "Dark Patterns" to manipulate consumer choice and frustrate cancel options.  
  • When you order, you will have immediate access to this informative learning session (on-demand video and presentations)!

must for all subscription business and membership executives to understand!

Regulation is not considered a "sexy" topic, that is, until your subscription products are found not in compliance. Then dealing with non-compliance issues will be the hottest thing on your plate and could cost your company time, legal expenses, fines, and possible lawsuits ... a whole LOT more than the cost this training program!

"How to Comply with Subscription Regulations" is a 3-hour deep dive into subscription regulations, designed specifically for subscription executives to help you learn the fundamentals of the rules governing subscription recurring-revenue business models and trends. Order now for immediate access! 


  Meet The Subscription Law Experts You Will Learn From In This Three Hour Master Class: 

Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq.

Lisa B. Dubrow is a lawyer specializing in advertising and consumer protection with an emphasis on subscriptions and recurring billing business models. She counsels clients on legal issues surrounding the advertising and marketing of goods and services. Her practice also encompasses the negotiation and drafting of contracts pertaining to product development, marketing, and sales, including those with vendors, agencies, fulfillment, distribution, talent, production and media. Ms. Dubrow is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of SUNY Binghamton. She received her law degree from New York University School of Law. 


Marc Roth, Esq.
Attorney, Cobalt Law

Marc advises clients on all things advertising, marketing, promotions and privacy, having practiced in these areas for decades, in various capacities. A former Federal Trade Commission attorney, he understands regulatory priorities and concerns, which enables him to provide informed and practical advice to clients and prepare for the possibility of challenge. Having served as Chief Marketing Counsel for a Time Warner subsidiary, he knows the type of advice his clients need to do their job – prompt and practical answers, not lengthy and indecisive memos. He knows that “no” is not an option for in-house lawyers serving their business teams and works tirelessly with clients to develop viable and effective solutions acceptable to all stakeholders.


When you purchase "How to Comply with Subscription Regulations", you will get: 

  • Understanding of the latest subscription billing, free trials, consent and notice requirements; VISA, Mastercard and American Express subscription-billing rules; Data and privacy rules; Marketing and "Dark Patten" regulations; and, more.
  • Immediate access to these on-demand video learnings from leading subscription attorneys.
  • PDF Slides from the training presentation.
  • No expiration to your access.
  • Our guarantee you will find value in this content! 


Get smarter about subscription law.
Manage your teams more effectively by understanding the fundamentals of what your organization needs to comply with.

Order today and help your organization stay on the right side of the law.


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