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Subscription Boot Camp: TECHNOLOGY

Learn Subscription "TechStack" Fundamentals

Smart subscription businesses know when it comes to technology they need to plan for what is unique to recurring, membership subscription business models to be successful. Access the on-demand version of Subscription Boot Camp: TECHNOLOGY, held June 2021 where three leading industry experts teach the fundamentals of e-commerce vs true-recurring tech setup, payment processing tech gotcha's, and planning marketing technology specifically for subscription business models. 


Welcome and Introduction

  • Kathy Greenler Sexton,
    CEO, Subscription Insider

Subtech: How and Why It's Different Than Ecommerce and Retail 
Understanding the core similarities and differences between recurring-commerce and pure e-commence or retail is critical if you want to set up a strong foundation for your subscription business. Leading subscription technology expert, Kim Terry will walk through how and why subscription businesses require a different TechStack than other businesses.

  • Kim Terry,
    Partner, Laventa Partners

The ROI of Getting Your Subscription Management & Billing TechStack Right
Right Did you know that depending on how your billing and subscription management systems are set up – that you could be leaking revenue and profits? Subscription billing expert, Melanie Stout will walk through what she looks at and why when she audits a recurring billing TechStack for inefficiencies and what to do about them.

  • Melanie Stout,
    Partner, Paul Larsen Consulting (PLC)

Preparing Your TechStack for Optimizing Subscriber Journeys
Smart subscription businesses understand that continuously improving how their subscribers interact with their business is key, from the first touch through ongoing renewals. Building a TechStack to support this is a critical success factor for businesses that want to scale and grow.

  • Scott Howland,
    Global Director, Zephr