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Subscription Boot Camp: MARKETING

Learn Subscription Marketing Fundamentals

Smart subscription businesses know when it comes to marketing - determining your go-to-market plans, subscriber acquisition, and subscriber retention - they need to plan for what is unique to recurring, membership subscription business models to be successful. This on-demand version of Subscription Boot Camp: MARKETING, hosted June 2021, features leading subscription market, acquisition, and retention experts and teaches the fundamentals of what you need to understand. 


Welcome & Introductions

  • Kathy Greenler Sexton,
    CEO, Subscription Insider
  • Matt Nowen, Director of Customer Experience, House of Kaizen

Subscription GTM: Designing the Right Go-To-Market Strategy
Acquiring subscribers starts with the right strategy and product fit, then mapping that to the right promotional channels. How do you design and build that go-to-market (GTM) strategy? In this session, subscription market strategy expert, Priya Ghai will walk through her process for developing the right GTM plan. You will understand the basics of aligning your product to your market and mapping your promotional strategy to achieve profitable recurring subscribers in your business

  • Priya Ghai,
    Partner, Laventa Partners

Subscriber Acquisition: Subscription Growth Is Not eCommerce
So many businesses transitioning to subscriptions inaccurately believe their skills in e-commerce customer acquisition will serve them well as they scale their recurring businesses. Subscribers are better customers because of the journey they go on with your company, the relationship that's formed. The subscriber journey has unique elements that if executed well, will not only lead to higher acquisition – but sustained growth. Leading subscription growth expert, Julianne Rosnick, will lead this session on optimizing the subscriber experience for the good of your customers and your business. By the end of the hour, you'll understand the basis for strategies and systems to promote subscription success and the e-commerce strategies you can leave behind.

  • Julianne Rosnick,
    Media Director, House of Kaizen
  • Kim Hickerson-Luhn
    Senior Advisor Member Retention, AARP

Subscriber Retention: Designing Effective Systems To Keep Your Subscribers
Retaining subscribers is key to profitability and growth, yet probably the least understood and well-executed aspect of operating a subscription recurring-revenue business. Subscription retention expert, Robert Skrob, will walk you through the strategy and tactics of how to create retention systems in your business – from onboarding and communications to your subscriber cancelation-save programs. You will understand the fundamentals of creating and executive your own retention system for your business.

  • Robert Skrob,
    President, Membership Services


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